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Too Spicy for Dad - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest Entries

Check out these Faded Pictures’ entries for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Video Competition. 

Too Spicy for Dad - 


Too Spicy for Dad (Doritos Baby Remix) - 


@DonShelby helping out @FadedPicsLTD in this year’s @DoritosUSA #crashthesuperbowl contest!  Final video right around the corner…

@DonShelby helping out @FadedPicsLTD in this year’s @DoritosUSA #crashthesuperbowl contest!  Final video right around the corner…


We made it back to Minnesota in time for the game and have some Minnesota grown turkey sandwiches for lunch. Thanks to the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association and the “Turkey to Go” stand located at Section 111 for the delicious sandwiches!

Since I caught up on sleep while Coley edited the last video, I let her sleep in while I edited this video of our last stop on the trip.


Back in Minnesota for our last game. This weekend was such a fun experience, but it’s good to be back. There’s no place like home, and nothing like a delicious homegrown Minnesota Turkey Sandwich.

Go Twins!

Enjoy the sights and sounds at Wrigley Field during a huge Cubs win! 

Coley spent the night editing while I fell sound asleep on the chair.  The seven hour drive yesterday morning finally caught up to me. 

Before falling asleep, Coley and I were watching the Cubs/Cards game on TV recalling our day at Wrigley…the day it felt like we traveled back in time.   

Wrigley Field was amazing.  Cubs win, Cubs win!

Watch for the video tonight. 

Now we’re home!  Finally wearing the right colors.  I want a turkey sandwich.  

It was storming here in Chi-Town this morning so we took our sweet time editing this EPIC Day 2 video! 

Cubs here we come!